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With core funding now in place, the PLUS Coalition is fully engaged in developing the PLUS Registry, a global online resource connecting images, rights holders and rights information.*

The neutral, non-profit registry.  Operated on a non-profit basis by and for all communities engaged in creating, distributing, using and preserving images, the PLUS Registry is not subject to influence or acquisition by commercial entities or special interest groups. Truly an industry-neutral resource. 

Unique Identifiers for every rights holder, image and license. By registering with PLUS, each rights holder obtains a "PLUS-ID" uniquely identifying that individual or company throughout the global marketplace. When distributing or publishing images, rights holders may assign and embed a special unique PLUS-ID into each image, allowing image users to easily and quickly access and manage the rights information associated with that copy of the image.

Global metadata for a global marketplace. Images published or distributed in one country are instantly distributed and accessible worldwide. Image users in all countries must be able to access rights information for any image. With participants in more than thirty countries, the PLUS Coalition is a global organization, and the PLUS standards and Registry are designed to support instant automated translation of the rights associated with any image.

Secure Metadata with Access Control. Detailed rights information for each image and license is housed externally and securely in the PLUS Registry, where image users may access and read - but not edit - the information. Rights holders can make certain information publicly accessible, while reserving other information for access by clients, staff or others with special privileges.

Dynamic metadata for dynamic rights. Image rights are dynamic - once granted, rights can expire, or be expanded, constrained, retracted or renewed. Like image rights, PLUS Registry metadata is dynamic. By storing metadata remotely, rights holders can easily update image rights information at any time, even long after images have been distributed. The PLUS-ID in an image file always refers to the most current rights information for that image.

Robust metadata, at long last.  In the event of the loss of a PLUS-ID embedded in an image, the ID can be recovered using an invisible Digimarc watermark also embedded in the image. In the unlikely event that the ID is lost or removed from both the file header and the Digimarc, the image metadata can be recovered in seconds using image recognition powered by PicScout's leading technology, simply by submitting a low resolution copy of the image to the PLUS Registry.

A global hub for all registries. A search of the PLUS Registry also searches all connected registries, greatly simplifying the process of locating the rights holder and rights information for any image, and presenting a viable solution to the challenge of orphan works.

Much more than rights metadata. The PLUS Registry will support remote storage and look-up of IPTC image metadata and other leading image metadata standards.

Powerful forensic search capabilities.  In addition to searches by name or ID, the PLUS Registry allows searches by partial, obscure or outdated information to locate the current contact information for any rights holder, anywhere in the world.

Connect using any application. The PLUS Registry allows any authorized application to connect via an Application Programming Interface ("API"). In addition to using the PLUS Registry web site directly, you can use any PLUS-Compliant application to search, register and manage image rights.

Copyright registration. Rights holders desiring to register their copyrights with the US Copyright Office will be able to use a Copyright Registration Wizard built into the PLUS Registry, once the Copyright Office allows remote registration.

To participate in public beta testing of the PLUS Registry, please submit your contact info by completing our contact form and selecting "PLUS Registry" from the drop down menu.

*The PLUS Registry is a metadata repository and is not a replacement for copyright registration.

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