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PLUS Registry Beta Launches – Over 5,000 Rights Holders Already Registered

With PLUS Registry development in full swing, the first module of the Registry is now online for beta testing, providing free PLUS membership and free registration of people and businesses. In the first three months,  more than 5,200 businesses from sixty countries have created PLUS Registry listings.

A global, non-profit resource, the PLUS Registry will provide instant identification of image creators, image rights holders, images and related image rights information.  In the coming months, the Registry will launch additional modules to allow image and license registration and searching by image recognition and unique PLUS IDs. 

If you have not yet registered, create your free listing now to allow anyone in the world to easily find and contact you. Search the Registry to instantly find and contact image creators, rights holders and institutions, worldwide. Visit the PLUS Registry today at www.PLUSregistry.org


PLUS Registry FAQ

How will artists and other image rights holders benefit?  Register your name and contact info to allow image users to reach you for permission to use your images.  Soon, register your images and image rights information to allow image users to identify you by PLUS ID or image recognition, and to make informed decisions about using your images. Museums and libraries will use the Registry to allow the public to locate and access artworks.

How will image users benefit? Search the Registry by name, PLUS ID, partial contact info or image recognition to quickly and easily find information (“metadata”) for any image, and to find and contact creators, rights holders and institutions worldwide. If you manage large numbers of images, connect to the Registry from within many applications to more efficiently manage image rights, reduce costs and minimize liability.

Who controls the PLUS Registry? The Registry is operated by the non-profit PLUS Coalition, an industry-neutral,  global collaboration between all communities engaged in creating, distributing, using and preserving images.

Can I use the PLUS Registry for free? You are welcome to join PLUS for free, and may then create a free listing in the PLUS Registry. Searches of the Registry by name, PLUS ID or image recognition are also free.

How is the PLUS Registry funded? The Registry is operated on a non-profit basis, relying on contributions from "Supporting Members" — users and organizations who collectively help cover costs of operation and make the Registry possible. It is a co-op funding model, which also subsidizes free listings for users who only wish to register their business names and contact info.

What is "Supporting Membership?" All users who  request a unique PLUS ID or register images or licenses share in the cost of developing and operating the Registry.  To make it possible for everyone to afford to become a Supporting Member, the annual contribution is based on business size. For small businesses with one employee, the contribution is $125 per year (reduced to $75 per year for members of participating trade associations).

Why can't the PLUS Registry be 100% free?   Unlike a for-profit business, the PLUS Registry is funded and operated by and for its community of users.  As the number of users grows the Coalition will seek to reduce the contribution per user. We welcome suggestions for helping to fund development, operation, maintenance and other costs that make the Registry possible. Email us at info@usePLUS.org.


EPUK on the PLUS Registry:

"The largest evolutionary step for the imaging industry since the internet arrived."

In a recently published article,
"On the PLUS Side," Editorial Photographers of the United Kingdom and Ireland (EPUK) provide a European creators' perspective on the critical importance of the PLUS Registry. Read Article.

IPTC and PLUS Offer Free Photo Metadata Toolkit including easy to use panels for managing metadata in Adobe products.  Download the IPTC-PLUS Metadata Toolkit.

CEPIC-IPTC Image Metadata Handbook Recommends PLUS: "Information should be embedded in the IPTC and PLUS fields when images are distributed." Get a Free Copy of the CEPIC-IPTC Handbook. 

Photodeck launches PLUS-based image licensing platform. Photodeck.com provides e-commerce enabled websites to photographers, and now offers PLUS Packs -- convenient standardized bundles of image rights. More

RightsPro Adds PLUS Licensing. A leading rights licensing site for the publishing, film, multimedia, education, design and advertising industries, Rightspro has fully integrated the PLUS standards. More.


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Thanks to our most significant contributors for providing an extraordinary level of financial or logistical support


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PLUS invites all individuals and organizations from all industries and countries to accept a free PLUS membership and free Registry listing.

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